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About Us

Based in the heart of America's great shortgrass prairie, Shortgrass Web Services is a small Programming and Web services company in Altus, Oklahoma.  After more than a decade of adding value to other Internet businesses, the company's owner, Mike Sargent, has opened his own shop. Now, the programming and customer service expertise for which he is already known can be focused on a smaller number of clients, bringing them greater value and unequalled service.

Shortgrass Web Services offers...
  • Custom, Targeted, Online Salesforce Automation tools
  • Web Application design, coding, repair, and maintenance
  • Web hosting unlike you will find anywhere else

About Mike Sargent

Hello.  I am Mike Sargent, owner of Shortgrass Web Services.   I have been programming since 1990, and have been an Internet and Customer Service professional for over a decade.

My Internet experience began with five years as an Internet connection and support specialist with a dialup Internet Service Provider.   During that time, I visited clients in their home and worked with them on the phone to solve an array of Internet and PC problems including web surfing and email problems, hardware issues, problems with Microsoft Windows, and all types of software installation and configuration issues.  My clients ranged from Tech-Savvy Air Force officers to Grandmas & Grandpas who simply wanted to be able to email the Grandkids.  This is where I discovered my unique ability to serve as a bridge between the Geeks of the Internet/Computer world and ordinary people who think a person should not need a degree in Computer Science to send email.

Following that, I spent five years as the Lead Web Programmer and Jack-of-All-Trades with MedXChange, an Application Service Provider in Bradenton, FL.  The majority of that time was spent designing and coding a variety of Web-Based software, with a primary focus on sales tools for medical products distributors.   The primary development language used was Macromedia's ColdFusion, and the primary database was Microsoft Access, but the requirements of the projects varied widely, and also involved the use of ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, CSS, and SQL Server.   Other duties included Network and Systems Administrator for a network which included a half dozen web servers, several mail servers, and a half dozen workstations.  I was also called upon to be the lead support specialist for several dozen clients and most of the office staff.

In June of 2005, I moved back to Oklahoma to open Shortgrass Web Services. An intense year of programming and education followed, during which I upgraded my skills to better serve the needs of a variety of clients. In that year, I added PHP, MySQL, and Ajax to the toolbox. These technologies will play a major role in the evolution of the web over the next few years, and Shortgrass Web Services is now solidly positioned to leverage them to write better, easier, more effective applications and sites for our clients.

I have completed more than 100 hours of classwork as a CS major, with a GPA over 3.6.  More important, however, are the thousands of hours of solid experience I have as a programmer and support specialist in the real world -- where results matter.   I have spent years working with sales reps in the field and their managers in the office.

I am not interested in selling you any grand re-tooling plans with a big payoffs 10 years from now. What I would like to do is try to make you a little more money next week... try to help you beat the other guy to the sale... try to help you take care of your customers the way I like to take care of mine.

Shortgrass Web Services opened for business just before Independence Day, 2005.  At this writing, in the Spring of 2008, there is a small backlog of projects. If you need the services I offer, you should give me a call.   I treat my clients as I would hope to be treated by the people I hire, and my client list will, by necessity, always be a short one... A short list of very well-served clients.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope I can be of service to you.