Sales Tools
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Sales Tools

Our primary focus is, and has always been, Custom, Online Sales Tools. Having spent nearly 10 years writing them as solutions to real world problems, we offer solid experience in the design and implementation of online tools covering the entire sales cycle.

Your custom site from Shortgrass gives your organization a central repository for the information, documents, and communications needed to get the job done. From there, we can help you track a sale from the twinkling of a lead, through the development of the sale, to writing the quote and placing the order.

Post sale, we can produce the tables and charts needed to help managers see the big picture, as well as any portion of it, down to a single Rep or Account. And we can produce commission and quota reports that help keep your sales force motivated and focused.

Our Shortgrass Salesforce Advantage suite is based on a range of different access levels, which can be tailored to your needs. Generally, this means a standard hierarchy of Managers, Supervisors, and Reps, but other, finely-tailored access levels can be used, and often are. We will work with you to develop tailored access levels for the system which mirror the structure of your own organization.

The system can even share selected pre-sell data with your vendors, giving them insight into how their products are playing in the field and the ability to assist your reps in closing the sale.

Every system is tailored to the client's specific needs. No need to try to fit your business model into the software. We wrap the software around your business model.